Whole Foods CEO/Founder Talks About Capitalism, Impacts of Higher Minimum Wages and ObamaCare

There is no free lunch in Capitalism. What government gives, someone has to pay. Responsible Capitalism will lessen the impulse to regulate and control businesses.

Whole Foods CEO and founder talks about  his view on the free market, government regulations, such as the higher minimum wage requirements, and ObamaCare. And, how businesses are impacted and reacting to these additional costs imposed by the government. Bottom line, there is no free lunch. Last, he talks about why government and intellectuals hate commerce and what business can do to lessen the impulse to regulate and to control.

Higher minimum wages and ObamaCare affect us all, especially, for those of us who are small business owners and self-employed. Whole Foods CEO has interesting and pragmatic views. I am incline to agree with what he said in this interview. Enjoy.

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