My Observations on Income/Wealth and Investing Revolve Around Cash Flow

1. My professor taught me computer programming and told me that he will teach me the skills I need to make a comfortable living, but I will never get rich doing it. He said to use my IT skills as a stepping stone to seek riches. But he never taught me how to get rich. I figured it out how to get rich with my paychecks after working for more than 15 years.

2. Consistent and growing cash flow is the river that connects the desert of mediocrity & hopelessness to the ocean of greatness and success. Baby, let it rain please.

3. While you enjoy the fruits of your labor, don’t forget to convert a good portion of them to seeds by saving and investing so you can plant more crops (assets) to produce even more fruits (income). Don’t forget some fruits (nice house, nice cars) are harder to digest (higher tax, mortgage, insurance) than others, so choose your diet wisely.

4. Plenty of people get wealthy working for someone else. High income employment afford you steady cash flow which you can deploy to buy investments that pay you additional income. Unless you are passionate about building a business, it is better strategy to be an employee, and use the income to buy investments that pay more income. Takes longer to get rich but better for you and your family mentally — if you are not passionate about building your own business! There are many ways to save on taxes besides having a business. For example, you can move to a state that has no state income tax, no sales tax, low property tax. You can work aboard, and pay very little taxes. In the final analysis, I think you can get rich as an employee or a business owner if you have the desire to, by paying yourself first…and use the saving to buy investments that pay you more income.

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