Influence (Selling) – Single Most Important Skill in Life

Tony Robbins talks about the single most important skill in life. Business owners, parents, and leaders all need the ability to influence or to sell.

To be an effective influencer, one must be able to influenced oneself in order to influence others.

To be Effective Influencer, you must: 
1. Feed your mind.
2. Condition your body.
3. Being master of influence by asking the RIGHT questions.

All human beings have 6 needs, but the importance of each need varies depending on the individual. To be an effective influencer one must know which of these 6 needs are most important to said individual, and speak direct to said need when influencing said individual.
1. Need for certainty.
2. Need for uncertainty/variety.
3. Need to feel significant.
4. Need to feel connected and loved.
5. Need for growth and progress.
6. Need to feel making a contribution.

We should spend only 5% of the time on the problem, and 95% of the time on the answers.

Problem solving Questions:
1. What’s great about this?
2. What can I learn from this?
3. What is not perfect yet?
4. What am I willing to do to have it the way I want it?
5. What am I willing NOT to do to have it the way I want it?
7. How can I enjoy the process?

Tony Robbins’s speaking method designed to influence. Needs to be in below sequence.
1. 40% of speech – To identify and connect with audience. (Me too, not, so what)
2. 10% of speech – Speak to logic and reasons.
3. 20% of speech – Attack and confess on the issue/problem.
4. 20% of speech – Offer solutions (Heaven if you do it).
5. 10% of speech – Ask for action.

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