Give to Charity

We tend to say when we are rich, then we will give; or when we have time, then we will volunteer to help. The law of reciprocity say that the more you give, the more you will receive. If you want more blessings, start giving today!

As an independent IT consultant, I will always go out of my way to help new consultants if they are receptive to my help. As a consultant on a project for a new client, regardless how much experience one possesses, it takes about a few months to learn the new client’s systems, its business, and its employees. Some clients expect the new consultant to hit the ground running and be productive first day on the job. Maybe it is a test to see how you perform on your first task. It is immensely helpful if the new consultant have someone who is already on the job willing to show them the ropes. Sometimes just simple things like where to print your document, find you a paper cup for coffee because everyone in the company needs to bring their own mug, or offer to go to lunch, and to give them an overview of the client’s system, business, and the organization chart.

One of the pillar to elevate our wealth being as independent consultants is to give. It says that, give and you shall receive, NOT receive, then you give.

As independent consultants, I encourage you to give your knowledge and experience to our community by contribute articles to provide insights for the benefits of other consultant friends, or technical articles/tutorials in the area of your expertise. I strongly encourage everyone to provide consultant job referrals to bring value to our community members.  At work, you should be generous with your knowledge, be helpful when others are receptive to your help, and go the extra mile in everything that you do.