Get More Skills

One of the biggest mistake I made as an IT consultant was that I neglected to learn more technical skills over the years. I blame myself for not making learning more technical skills as a priority as much as I blame the profession of being an independent consultant.  You see, as an independent consultant, we are expected to be an expert in our technical area of expertise. Clients do not hire consultants so they can learn on the job! It is our commitment to provide our community members the opportunities to learn new technical skills and apprentice consulting opportunities to utility these new skillsets.

Learning new sought-after technical skills do not come cheap, and can be a long and frustrating process. The best way to learn is from those consultants who already have the skills and are utilizing them on their jobs. If you would like to be an instructor or a coach to our consultant community members, we have a job for you. Those who care, also teach! We will bring comprehensive learning opportunities to our community members where you can immediately utilize that new found skill in your consulting job or in an apprentice consulting opportunity.

Self-development, soft skill enhancements, motivation to be the best and to succeed are all important part of learning. There is always something new to learn regardless how smart or accomplished you think you are. Those who do not progress, will surely regress. It is our commitment to provide support and to motivate our consultant members to be the best in their chosen field of expertise.