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Your help is needed! Are you an accountant, a lawyer, a recruiter, a client, an executive, a financial advisor, or a fellow consultant? Would you like to contribute and share your knowledge, experience and insights to help our consultants to achieve professional and financial success? All helps are welcome and greatly appreciate it! We love blog posts about tax strategy, entity structuring, intellectual property, labor laws, contract laws, retirement planning, job hunting strategy, How to find paying clients, How to find outstanding recruiters, What are the hot skills, Who are hiring, How to transform from self employed, or employee to a business owner.

Please email your blog post to, along with 1 image (size of at least 630 x 315), and “About Author” plus your contact information if you want our readers to reach you!

  • Beyond contributing blog posts, we would love to have all top accountants, lawyers, recruiters, and advisors to list their business on our advisors directory to make it easy for our consultants to find you. It is absolutely free to list your business with us.
  • Recruiters & Clients – Please post your job requirements to our job board to make it easy for our consultants to find and apply for your jobs. We have 1000’s of consultants located across the U.S. , Canada, South America, Asian, and Europe and there will always be a highly qualified consultant available to fill your requirements.
  • Fellow Consultants – Please refer a fellow consultant for a job requirement needed by your client or your recruiter. We are working on a referral tool to help our consultants. For now, please email us your referrals to We definitely want to reward you with a compensation to help facilitate mutual beneficial relationship among our consultants.

Thank you!


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