Achieve Success Through Higher Standards Backed by Rituals

Tony Robbins talks about achieving lasting success by having a compelling vision of what you truly want. Something that pull you to do. Not something that push you to do — as pushing required will power, and will power never last. Second, you need a strong reason to push you through what’s necessary to get that goal when challenges arrived. Reason comes first. Answers comes second. Third, review your vision, reason, and feel it everyday.

In another word, raise your standards of who you are, and backed that up with daily rituals. Rituals are something you do consistently and they last a life time. Will power does not last.

Success or failure does not come suddenly. But rather it is the accumulative daily rituals that determined our success or failure.

There are 2 types of pain. Pain of disciplines and pain of regrets. Pain of regrets weight a ton!

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